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Our preschool programs provide young learners with the foundations needed to be successful; not only academically but in all areas of development. Our programs were designed with the collaboration of the lead classroom teacher, physical therapist, speech pathologist and an occupational therapist. Our preschool program introduces school readiness through multi-sensory and motor-based play activities. The children’s preschool day contains the perfect balance of free play, teacher guided tasks and structured theme activities. The curriculum focuses on making sure the children are given the opportunity to engage in stimulating age appropriate activities throughout the school day. Our preschool program will provide maturity and growth in the areas of academics, fine motor, gross motor and social emotional skills. 



Our academic preschool program will prepare your child for a smooth transition into Kindergarten!  Lessons are developed around the Creative Curriculum used within the Grand Island School District.  They will leave Kiddo’s Korner preschool feeling confident, ready to embrace new friends and new adventures!  

Fine Motor Skills

Fine motor skills will be enhanced through arts and crafts, paper/pencil tasks, coloring and multi-sensory manipulatives! These activities will allow for self-expression and the ability to process sensory information appropriately. 

Gross Motor/Sensory Motor

Gross motor/Sensory motor skills are such an integral part of development as they are in everything we do! It is difficult to refine fine motor skills without good gross motor control! In this area the children will learn to problem solve and motor plan while strengthening and striving toward good body awareness. 


Social Emotional Skills

Building successful relationships with peers and having positive self-esteem is a priority at Kiddo’s Korner Preschool!  Dramatic play centers help to foster cooperative and imaginative play. The children are given the opportunity to explore the world around them through hands-on learning and play!




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